Dragon Fish – Day 277 – #unleashed14

It seems fitting that at the end of “reward august” I spoke for the Foundation of Young Australians at Unleashed to hundreds of young social change makers. It was fantastic and so was the building! 

Royal_Exhibition_Building_Melbourne_Australia_7 photo (8)


After my speech I met a really bright kind writer and journalist who pointed out the creatures in the fountain looked like dragon fish. I liked the idea of dragon fish.

Everyone feared Dragon Fish. Dragon Fish was a master of both water and fire. Fish would cower in fear and insult him in the coral city streets. Dragon Fish didn’t understand, he used his power to create spectacular floating fire shows. But no matter how hard he tried to convince other fish of his gentle nature, they always feared him. Angry, he put on the most spectacular fire show yet. He created a terrible fire monster. It terrorised the city. But in the last moment, Dragon Fish fought his own creation off. The city fish heralded him as their saviour, and no one cowers from him anymore. 



Meet Nerves – Day 276 – Nerves

Something is in the corner of her eye. It’s been there for days. She can almost smell it, it’s name is on the tip of her tongue. In its spare time it seems to enjoy setting butterflies free in her stomach and distracting her appetite. She feels it move and rubs her eye. With a squelch, it falls out onto the floor. Whatever it is, it looks like it’s having a midlife crisis.

“What are you?”

“Nerves,” it says proudly. “What can I do for you?”

“Nothing, actually sorry but could you stop playing with my appetite?”

“Appetite can’t help it that I’m irresistible,” it chuckles. “Look I’m sorry I’m here, but you’ve got an important occasion, and I don’t like to miss a big do.”

“Well, can you at least get rid of the butterflies?”

“You wouldn’t deny my pets. I move around a lot, they’ve gotta stay somewhere.”

She frowns.

“Look, I’m what gets you through. I’ll administer the adrenaline when you need it most and heighten your senses. Then I’ll be out of your hair.”

“What are you doing in my hair?”

“Just a bit of nervous sweat, nothing too bad.”

She had to admit Nerves did help sometimes, but it was a bit of a dick.

Inspired by the nerves that are gradually taking me over as I get ready to fly to Melbourne.

My Place – Day 275 – To rap or not to rap?

Just a few days ago I was asked to give my TEDx speech again for the Foundation for Young Australian’s festival “Unleashed“… which is on Sunday… in Melbourne. This month has been all about reward, and this is a pretty big reward- I’m very flattered. However, I can’t help but feel like I could return to the nervous wreck that I was a month ago before my TEDx speech. Last time I was speaking in my home city and the audience was only about 150ish. This time I’m told there will be over 400 people. Doing these speeches is also making me wonder… what happens after this challenge is over? The other day Michael asked me to write a story based on One Day’s new album “Mainline.” It’s a hip hop record with a lot of reflective spoken word. So today I am reflecting on my future through a bit of poetry- if someone sends in a beat I’ll rap it on another day and put it on youtube.


21 and didn’t know my place

Just knew stories were the base

Of everything I love, every single case


So I write everyday

Life on display

But am I wandering astray?


Now I’m a writer

My future’s looking brighter

But my stomach twists a little tighter


What happens at the end?

Is it just a trend?

Scared I’ll just blend


Into the wall

Without this site my writing’s just a scrawl

Messy and small

The Alien Inside You- Day 274 – Kate’s Tummy Monster

When aliens landed no one greeted them, no one even knew they were here at all. I would sit gazing at the stars wishing to meet one, never knowing I had one in my stomach at that very moment. I didn’t notice the increased tummy rumbles or think twice about my sudden cravings for custard (aliens love custard). Eventually we found the parasites sitting in our stomachs. Some people live happily with their parasite, even learning to communicate with it. Others have killed themselves in the process of trying to get rid of them. Me? Well, it turns out my alien also loves aliens. We watch sci fi together and it tells me stories about the stars. 

Kate had a rumbly tummy and asked me to write a story about the monster inside her. 

Hair Gardeners – Day 273 – JK

JK asked me to write a story about his new Mr T haircut. I could see only one connection.

Feeling square?

Geometrical hair loss?

Did you know that shortening your name without the use of vowels can increase your risk of contracting hair gardeners?

Hair gardeners are responsible for over a quarter of all hair loss. Hair gardeners love symmetry and neatness. They are attracted to humans with short neat names especially without vowels, and people who wear too much metal. Once attracted, hair gardeners are difficult to get rid of, and mowing hair into neat hedge like patterns.

Don’t be a fool! Stay protected, love your vowels.

Rick and Larry – Day 272 – Little Men

This has been coming for a long time I think. I don’t have many hair accessories, but I do have clips with little men on them.


They are one of my favourite things in life, I’ve even named them: Rick (on left) and Larry (on right). Today I had my fringe cut and the hairdresser started laughing really loudly- she’d just noticed them. It reminded me that they deserve a story. I decided to make up an old norse style myth.

Rick and Larry were the happiest couple in the city. Everyone adored them and wished for their own Rick or Larry. But the goddess Freya was terribly lonely, so she rode into the mortal city and stole the the couple hoping they could share some of their happiness. The lovers awoke separately in a blonde desert of sand dunes. Divided by a large expanse of fringe the two men were stuck, entangled in the long strands of Freya’s hair. It is said they only see each other at night when Freya finally takes them out of her hair to sleep. The people in their home city believe the warmth of their kiss each night is what keeps the nights so cozy. 

Stories are Falling Out of Me – Day 271 – Hair

This morning I was trying to put my hair in a bun. I explained to my dad that my hair says to me “No I don’t want to be a conformist” as I try to tie it up. He laughed and told me that stories were taking over my life- seeping into my speech- I couldn’t help but make them up. I was chuffed with this observation. Which gave me an idea for a story obviously…

The stories fell out of her

Most would writhe around on the carpet

Gasping then slumping

Piling up on top of one another

Occasionally one would stand up

She’d watch it nimbly stepping over the others

Watch it walk out the door

Perhaps it would even make it into the wild


The Art of Silly – Day 270 – Sillyness

I went rock climbing today and ended up rolling around on the training mattress area underneath the upside down climbs. There was a sign up saying 13yrs and over, as me and my friend rolled around like 5 year olds. This reminded me what a reward it is to be able to be silly sometimes.


At the age of 7 Jane wasn’t selling homemade lemonade at her stand, she was selling youth. This young entrepreneur would charge 2 dollars to be silly with her. She would make adults pull faces, make animal noises and dance.

The stall quickly became a hit in the high street of her inner city suburb, so with the help of her mum they made it into franchise and an app. Jane now employs hundreds of children across the world, as well as adults with blue cards to ensure their safety. Each child is a certified “silly coach” and each child adds their own flavour to their classes, including Jarryd known for wearing a homemade raccoon outfit and Mika who holds cake throwing classes.

The franchises are particularly popular before and after work in inner city business areas. When asked for an interview Jane simply sent us a soundbite of her pulling a raspberry. 

Unable – Day 269 – Wedding Singers

I listen, dance, watch

But never open my mouth

Unable to speak

I sit here listening to my man Matt, and his friend Jess prepare to sing at a wedding. It’s a real treat, watching them work out chords makes me realise there is an entire language I can understand, but not speak.

Animal Burials – Day 268 – Nerida’s Treasure Hunt

Someone did finally try to follow my treasure hunt in the library- Nerida! Unfortunately it was taken down so the didn’t find anything. However Nerida did see my Lizard story from the other day and decided to send me on another hunt. Such a good reward! She commented: “Tree lizard has friends… a koala and a wombat are lurking nearby.”

So I set off today in the rain looking for Koala and Wombat. It took me about 20 mins of walking around the wet campus until I found them:

20140822_130637 20140822_130946


Years later

Other animals see Lizard

They love Lizard

They love Tree

Befriend other Trees

It becomes an honour for an animal

To be buried in a tree

The spirit will never be lonely

Encased in breathing branch

Or tangled in writhing roots

Dinolution – Day 267 – Mystery Solved!

Yesterday I found a dinosaur on my site…since then I’ve had lots of people try to help me:

“I’d first do a few tests: Is the image present in the offline version of the website? Does the dinosaur appear in the header image if the image is changed to something else? If yes, play with the dimensions and positioning of the image and see what happens to the dinosaur.”


“Dinosaurs never went extinct they just uploaded to the internet.”

But I still had no idea where it came from. Until about 11am this morning. When finally the culprit came forward.

Message from friend Aidan: 

HAHAHAHA Finally! I put it there 12 days ago. It’s been driving me crazy that you haven’t noticed. You wrote a story on my computer months ago and didn’t log out of WordPress. When I realised I just had to hide a dinosaur in your banner. It’s probably the best thing I’ve done all year.”

Well played Aidan, well played. Here’s today’s story.

Dinolution: The period of time on earth during the early 3000s where the climate changed so drastically that small dinosaurs began to evolve. There appearance wasn’t noticed at first because of the severe weather, but many rich people began to adopt these tiny creatures as pets. Even a mini Jurassic Park was opened. 

Soon Aidan is about to meet these mini dinosaurs and he shall be welcomed to the Dinolution. Will keep you posted on that one :)



Found a Dinosaur – Day 266 – Seriously, someone put a Dinosaur on my Site!

I can barely type this!

Staring blankly at site wondering what to write about.

Notice weird shape on header of my site.

Looks like a dinosaur. I must be tired.

Zoom in.



So many questions!

Who did this?


Is my website safe?

What is dinosaur’s name?

Google “trolls put a dinosaur on my website”


Now I am putting this mystery to you. Where did this come from? I need to know. I am freaking out. This is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to anyone ever.

Here is my story (I’ve done a story on Dara a dinosaur before so I decided to make the sequel):

Part 1:

Dara the dinosaur dwelled on distressing memories. He’d deceived the other dinosaurs too long, discreetly dancing in the dark. So he declared his desire to dazzle. Despite a delightful performance, demeaning derision of his dreams had been hurled like daggers, drawing tears like blood.

Disowned by the pack because of his differences he despaired. He kept his distance so he could defend himself, and his devotion to dance dissipated. But his dreams never depleted. Detached in his small domain he drew divine depictions of dozens of dazzled fans in the damp earth until his dying days.

Dormant for millions of years, he decomposed but his bones were durable and Dara and his destiny were not destroyed. Now Dara is displayed in all his dazzling glory, demanding the adoring gaze of hundreds day in day out.

Part 2:

But Dara doesn’t stop there. A small daggy boy with a debilitating love for Dara the Dinosaur dabbled in web design. The boy would take over derelict websites, and devilishly dissect newspages directly inserting pictures of Dara. The trend spread like disease, soon all trolls were doing it. The boy never divulged his secret, he felt he had done his duty. Dara continued to dazzle and dinosaurs were not dead. 

Dougal the Dog – Day 265 – My Subconscious Writes a story

Dougal the dog would howl at the moon. But the moon never applauded. The three stray cats who lived near him would laugh at him, but he knew he had a talent. So one day he snuck into the Globe after one of the theatre productions and howled for the audience. They adored him. He became so popular that his ‘singing dog’ routine overtook the main plays. Unfortunately Dougal was killed by a crazed playwright who was seen patting the three cats just a day before. After that Macbeth was the most popular play at the Globe.

Today my reward is letting my subconscious write my story. I had a dream about seeing a singing dog in the Globe theatre.  

Wooden Embrace – Day 264 – Late

Found this Wooden Lizard on a tree at uni, must have just been put up. Nice surprise. 



Tree loves Lizard

Lizard loves Tree

Trees live longer than Lizards

Lizard stays with Tree till the end

In the last moment Tree grows around Lizard

Lizard and Tree will always be together

Desert Daisy – Day 263 – Georgia


Today is my friend Georgia’s birthday (she even contributed the ever popular prompt for the poo story!). I love her dearly, and she loves cowgirls, so this is her birthday reward:

There was lots of crime round her dusty town. Scared, she’d disappear into her dreams of being a cowgirl. But she was a sleepwalker and every night she’d walk into the yard and clamber onto her cow, Daisy. Together they rode through the cold desert. No one messed with her or “Desert Daisy”, they thought she was a spirit, sent to scare criminals.

“Cows can’t walk through desert,” they’d say, “and the girl doesn’t even need to see!”

Daisy always returned her to the yard by morning, and she was none the wiser. But she did find it strange that everyone was suddenly making offerings to the cowgirl spirit, and now the store stocked whittled figurines of “action cows.”  

Day 262 – Cake

Cara has been asking me for months to write a story on a cake, but it just never seemed to be the right time. And finally, since it’s Reward August- I did it! I put the icing on while it was still hot, which made me think of this:

She melted without him

Only solid when he was there

I wondered if anything could raise her melting point

Or if I’d always be scooping her off the floor.

Kevin – Day 261 – Kajorfling

Today I got an unexpected reward from my dad, he gave me two new words that he’d made up walking down the stairs. 

Kajorfling – to overthink walking up or down stairs so much that you trip

Kajafle – to pretend you did not trip because you overthought walking


Kevin catches a couple kissing

Quietly creeps away

Curses the creaking stairs

Kajorfles down them

Kicks a kitten which cries

The couple come running

Question him

“Kink in the carpet” he kajafles


Worlds of Lost Words – Day 260 – Michael

I had my story count wrong for a while- I’d been writing “Day 156” but luckily Michael corrected me: “Freya. Mate. 256.” Then he challenged me to write about all the lost stories.

Challenge accepted.

Stories get lost all the time. If they are told and nobody else absorbs them, they go the world of lost words. I learnt this when I was told to a boy who didn’t speak English and wound up here. The words here are pretty tough. The most popular unheard stories usually band together. Two of the biggest word gangs are the unconfessed love group, and the teen poetry mob.

When I first moved here it was pretty depressing. There were so many unconfessed passions and half written novels. I’d spend most nights away from the cbd (where all the boring stories no-one ever listened to hang out). My favourite place was downtown, where a lot of the weird and wonderful fantasies gather. It was amusing at first but even this made me sad, there were so many unexplored passions and grotesque fetishes.

These days I’m not so worried. I’m friends with an impromptu car song, a story told by a child to his toy and words spoken to a deaf girl. Not all stories need to be heard, some definitely shouldn’t be heard, and the others? We’re here to appreciate them if they slip through the cracks.

By the way, I’ve painstakingly counted the words in every story since I started the challenge. In 258 Days I’ve written 32 155 Words and countless lost stories. I imagine they’re all hanging out together as I type this. 

Poor – Day 259 – Public Holiday

Today is Ekka wednesday- holiday time. It’s so lovely to be given a bit of time off in the middle of the week. Which got me thinking how great time is.

Gen says we are poor.

“Mum works two jobs just to buy us a future.”

I never really understand. Mum goes to work and I go to school with Gen. Gen is in year 8, her final year. Soon she’ll have to go to work too. One day I win a maths competition and I’m taken to compete against the other schools. I sit next to a boy my age in a posh uniform. 

“Did your mum make you come too?” he asks. 

“No, I like maths. So does my sister, she’s in year 8,” I say proudly. 

“I have an older sister too,” he says, “she’s in year 20.”

His mum waves from the crowd, she looks about 200. Most people only live to 40 round my part of town, I’ve never seen someone so old. I look around, many parents in the crowd look to be 50 at least.

Years later, I’m at a maths competition for year 20s. I imagine mum waving from the crowd. She worked herself into the ground to buy us a future. Sometimes I think it would be better if she’d worked less and we all spent what little time allowance we’d had from the government, with each other. As it is, I’ve won a lot of time at maths competitions and working with Gen. We donate it to our old school and other families like ours. Now they’ve opened up year 11 and most people make it to 50.  

Space Bees – Day 258 – Welly

Welly told me she’d love to hear a story about how all the bees are disappearing and how this potentially threatens all life on earth. 

We have always been an ‘all or nothing’ colony. If you cross us, we’ll sting you with our dying breath.

But for too long we’ve stood by and watched as humans keep us locked up and take our honey, or seen our friends caught in spiders webs. Many of us have even lost our larvae to hungry badgers.

I say we fly to the stars, if humans can do it so can we. The path will not be easy, but we have designed star suits to help us get there.Earth life needs us, they will realise it when we are gone.

There is nothing left for us here. Let us find a home where we are appreciated or sting with our dying breath.

Wind Machine – Day 256 – Making up stuff

I went out with my friends last night for drinks and saw this incredibly flamboyant man in all white and silver with long blonde hair and the side of his head shaved. One of my favourite things to do is make up things about strangers, so immediately my friend suggested this stranger for a story. 

Life was Eurovision. So Hans embodied Eurovision. He toured the world with his wind machine. Most people made fun of him. But one stinking hot day he landed in Brisbane. Everyone crowded round him and his wind machine. He was the coolest person in town.

The Line – Day 255 – Cinema Line

Me and my friend rewarded ourselves by going to the movies only to find a huge line and miss the movie. Maddy suggested I write about it.

Everyone was in line

People cooked their food




In line

No one ever asked why

Everyone is in line

It must be important

One day

I leave

A friend says, “walk to the front”

“Find out what it is”

But I don’t

I walk away

Never look back

No need to know

I see things



Grass rippling in the wind

Most people have forgotten

No need for a line

Giant Diary Part 4- Day 254 – Matt and Laura’s Giant Drawing

On Dec 4th last year Matt sent me this drawing (with credit to Laura’s hand) for my series “Giant Diary.” (You can read part 1, part 2 and part 3 of giant diary here)

I’ve been saving this drawing for a rainy day because it looked so fun. It’s not raining but it is “reward august” so I am rewarding myself with using this drawing for today’s inspiration.


Rupert and Giant have found passion. Rupert and Giant are against human cruelty. We saving all kinds of humans now. Poor humans often try to climb nearby mountain, but humans getting stuck. Rupert suggest we build slide.

So Giant pick a few trees from garden. Giant hollow them, and build safety slide. Giant and Rupert save many humans.

After slide, even more silly humans are getting stuck up mountain. Giant catches humans at end of slide and puts humans back in town, but humans keep coming back. Poor humans. Still much human rights work for Rupert and Giant.




Curiouser and Curiouser – Day 253 – Unclaimed Reward

A few days ago I made treasure maps (the treasure was my story) and hid them in the library, as requested by Lucy.


The maps which told you how to find the stories were taken down that afternoon but not the stories. So I did them again and hid them better. Unfortunately yesterday they were taken down again (but the stories still remain). I was really disappointed- but not for my blog and not because no-one got to read the story. Then it finally dawned on me: I was sad because the whoever took them down wasn’t even a little bit curious about something called a “Library Treasure Map”. I am scared of people who aren’t curious about things (especially treasure), are they robots?

He froze time. Not literally of course, but he bred out the gene that produces curiosity and now nothing ever changes. No one wonders about their potential, no one really loves because they don’t really want to know about each other, and the music sounds the same because no one ever tries new beats. One day I found myself wondering why he did it, and I realised this was the beginning. I had the curiosity gene, I wondered if I could save us.

Don’t Fret – Day 252 – Chris Tamwoy

Reward for today? Just saw a young man with a ridiculous amount of talent called Chris Tamwoy perform at uni. Here is a video of him doing ridiculously talented things with a guitar (all self taught):

So today’s story is inspired by Chris, thanks for playing!

Fingers walk along the frets, unsure of exactly where they’re headed. But then they speed gamboling along the strings and dancing. This is the sound they’ve found their home. 



Treasure Map – Day 251 – Reward for a stranger

Lucy challenged me to incorporate a treasure map into todays story. So I wrote a three part story and a map to find the three parts:


And then I hid them in the library where I am working today.


I hope someone finds it and gets back to me. In the mean time here is the story:

It always played hard to get. She chased it all around the library and even to the vending machine. Only when the deadline pressed hard on her shoulders did concentration finally come back to her.

Death Bed – Day 250 – Anticlimactic

I’d been so worked up about public speaking that I’ve realised I had no real concept of life after that day. All I thought about was surviving that 10 mins up on stage. Now I realise how stupid I am. Life goes on, and the 365 day challenge goes on… and on. Please send in your ideas for rewarding challenges! Silly fun creative things. What have you always wanted to do? What have you always wanted to read? Today I’m doing one for Rob.

The old man lays on his death bed. He’d always been slow, never did what you wanted and pretended not to hear you most of the time. To be honest I thought he was a bit of a dick. I always made jokes about him and we only spent time together because we had to. But the thought of him not being around sparked a strange sentimentality in me. I felt like a child who refuses to play with a toy but cries when you take it off them. I run my hand over his cold hard skin. 

“Hang in there.”

He doesn’t reply. Trust him to pretend not to hear me even on his death bed. I’m going to miss that him. But then something happens, a light turns on behind his eyes and he reboots. Now we’re back working together, and he’s still a miserable old sod. Only clung to life because he didn’t want me to get the day off. 

We always joke the printing computer is an old man- a few days ago the old man broke.

It’s done – Day 249 – Reward

I’m still buzzing from yesterday, and my new theme is ‘reward’ so I’m using one of my favourite words from yesterday that didn’t make it into the story: 

Doralimbo – (verb) Running under a sprinkler naked with a big smile on your face.

She wanted to wash the stress off her body. Today she would allow herself to just be. You’re okay, she said to herself as she stripped in the back yard. It was time to doralimbo.

Mun the Crabbat- Day 248 – TEDxQUT

Displaying 20140802_112819.jpg

So I survived TEDx, it didn’t turn into the birds and my blushing was fairly in control. I am hugely relieved. I asked the audience to create a new language to write today’s story in. They went above and beyond for this challenge – thank you so much to all of you who imagined a word! Here is my story written in the language of pepshka– hover over the word for the meaning. 

Mun was a crabbat who couldn’t stop feeling glodge. He’d always hankled to find frou frou and felt a constant fomo. He’d find himself eating mooshkaka sitting on the couch hyperpondulating. His sadness was filbi and the pain it caused him was worse than kra.

Eventually he felt so inflasted that he called up Barris. Barris was the burly builder who first hired Mun to wear on hot jobs. Mun was never sure if him and Barris were frou frou or not. Barris had a habit of pralering and was always being called a tradist.

“I know what you need, a good pimo and to get your shibiyaya on!” Barris barked down the phone (his loud voice always bijared Mun). “You won’t be able to wipe the extroley off your face.”

Mun was excited, he’d always dreamed of andonating with someone. And so Barris picked Mun up in his boom boom butha, bilving, and they went to a club. But Mun did not end up andonating. Instead, he whargarbled too much umrübe juice. Clubs were not his thing and he felt more inflasted than ever. So he qwoped out of the club early and went home. That night he felt a huge pang of gatsquise, so he dreamt up a frou frou and fell into a transmoodel.

In the morning he decided to snap out of it by going for a fuddle. On the way he heard a plupie, he turned around to see a bess and felt a wrench of hypercutosis. He’d never seen something so kapoodufal, it made him feel like he was shooming. He let out a stramboli and picked it up. The puppy woke again and licked his face. Mun felt krandle, it was a totally new feeling for him. A flombo crept up his neck and a sense of kapaous came over him. There was instant zingle between the two, and a moment of zolargralily as they huggled.

Now the two tootle about, and always feel hygge together. Mun never feels inflasted anymore, and has a great sense of abuciu.

Here is the Full Pepshka Dictionary:

Abuciu – The feeling of gratefulness of having someone by your side

Andonate – to dance awkwardly, yet passionately with a great friend who you realise may actually be the one.

Bamalam (adjective) – 1. Commonly used to describe an explosive mess. 2. Used as a description of a person capable of blowing up a conversation.

Basited – (verb) to instantly combust in a musical number. “She totally just basited in that parking lot.”

Bess – A face that you know but don’t know.

Bijare – to scare someone twice, unintentionally.

Billyabis – Eve glasses

Bilving – wearing sunglasses on top of the head.

Boom-boom-butha – a childrens’ word for cars.

Brasking – to cower from strong winds

Crabbat – Crossbreed of a ‘crab’ and a ‘hat.’

Doralimbo – (verb) Running under a sprinkler naked with a big smile on your face.

Extroleying – Extreme smiling.

Filby – (Adj.) Something without a definite shape; unclear, wobbly, amorphous

Flabberdashed –  To be inspired.

Flombo – The heat rising up my neck when I get excited.

Fomo – fear of missing out. (My high-school kids use this word)

Froufrou – best friend.

Fuddle – Walking for fun.

Gatsquise – having the urge to find or meet somebody that means the most to you.

Glodge – A feeling of wading through thickness.

Hankle –  Struggle:  I really hankled to think of a word for Freya’ writing challenge.

Huggle – to hug someone and cuddle into their chest. To be completely enveloped in someone’s arms.

Hygge (Danish) – Be comfortable and amused without doing anything exciting.

Hypercutosis – death or similar sneezy feeling when something is too adorable to handle.

Hyperponderlation – (Hyper-ponder-lation) To ponder the point of sinking into an intellectual singularity.

Inflasted – To be intensely frustrated for no good reason.

Kapaous – The feeling of peace in the midst of chaos.

Kapoodaful – Explosive beauty.

Keki – Biscuit.

Kra – the sensation of stubbing a toe.

Krandle – To overbearingly give love to.

Larsoned – To be inspired

Mooshkaka – A meal in the day when you don’t know what meal it is.

Musiculate – to engage oneself in a music/beat or any lively sound from the environment.

Pepshka – The name of a foreign language

Pimo – A drink for when one is stressed out or depressed.

Plupie – The sound a puppy makes when it falls asleep in the middle of running.

Pralering – Brag about something that should not be bragged about.

Quelping – To clap with excessive enthusiasm.

Qwop – (verb) To attempt to walk without any motor-skills resulting in a jagged stumble, which often involves falling backwards.

Runawaydrool – An individual who purposely doesn’t laugh so that their runny nose doesn’t embarrass them during a conversation, because snot might fly out of their nose.

Shibiyaya – To dance like a crazy dude.

Shoom – When you feel like you’re floating.

Stramboli – (Pronounced with gusto) an expression of earthy excitement or enthusiasm.

Thank µŧµⱴ – A very respective “appreciate” In Korean.

Tootle – To wander around visiting familiar places.

Tradist – An insult directed at a tradie such as a plumber

Transmoodeling – The act of entering into an imaginary personage and world so immersed that one becomes completely ignorant of the surrounding reality and yet interacts and reacts to changes in that reality sa they are transposed into the imaginary world.

Umrube – (noun) Grape

Wamboolzal – Dance celebration: ‘I just passed my advanced physics exam.’ ‘Let’s wamboozal!’

Whargarble – To drink something in a rushed, messy, unflattering manner.

Zingle – The chemistry you feel when you first meet someone and there’s an instant connection.

Zolagralily – To make a new friend.

Ned the Numbat – Day 247 – Nerves

Usually on the first of every month I change my theme, but given July’s theme was “ordeal” I’m keeping it going till tomorrow since my biggest ordeal is still yet to come: my TEDx talk. Today I wrote myself a sort of nursery rhyme to try to calm me down.

Ned the Numbat was looking for Nerve. He’d been told he needed Nerve to perform the special Numbat Waddle (a prestigious performance for a young Numbat). So Ned looked high and low. He wondered what Nerve looked like, was he skinny, fat, stripey, spotty? But he couldn’t find Nerve anywhere. In the end, Ned performed the Waddle all by himself, without Nerve. Later the elder Numbat told Ned “you got a lot of Nerve!” Ned was thoroughly confused, but it didn’t matter. He was among the greats, he was a Waddler now.