Animal Burials – Day 268 – Nerida’s Treasure Hunt

Someone did finally try to follow my treasure hunt in the library- Nerida! Unfortunately it was taken down so the didn’t find anything. However Nerida did see my Lizard story from the other day and decided to send me on another hunt. Such a good reward! She commented: “Tree lizard has friends… a koala and a wombat are lurking nearby.”

So I set off today in the rain looking for Koala and Wombat. It took me about 20 mins of walking around the wet campus until I found them:

20140822_130637 20140822_130946


Years later

Other animals see Lizard

They love Lizard

They love Tree

Befriend other Trees

It becomes an honour for an animal

To be buried in a tree

The spirit will never be lonely

Encased in breathing branch

Or tangled in writhing roots


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