Dinolution – Day 267 – Mystery Solved!

Yesterday I found a dinosaur on my site…since then I’ve had lots of people try to help me:

“I’d first do a few tests: Is the image present in the offline version of the website? Does the dinosaur appear in the header image if the image is changed to something else? If yes, play with the dimensions and positioning of the image and see what happens to the dinosaur.”


“Dinosaurs never went extinct they just uploaded to the internet.”

But I still had no idea where it came from. Until about 11am this morning. When finally the culprit came forward.

Message from friend Aidan: 

HAHAHAHA Finally! I put it there 12 days ago. It’s been driving me crazy that you haven’t noticed. You wrote a story on my computer months ago and didn’t log out of WordPress. When I realised I just had to hide a dinosaur in your banner. It’s probably the best thing I’ve done all year.”

Well played Aidan, well played. Here’s today’s story.

Dinolution: The period of time on earth during the early 3000s where the climate changed so drastically that small dinosaurs began to evolve. There appearance wasn’t noticed at first because of the severe weather, but many rich people began to adopt these tiny creatures as pets. Even a mini Jurassic Park was opened. 

Soon Aidan is about to meet these mini dinosaurs and he shall be welcomed to the Dinolution. Will keep you posted on that one :)




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