Found a Dinosaur – Day 266 – Seriously, someone put a Dinosaur on my Site!

I can barely type this!

Staring blankly at site wondering what to write about.

Notice weird shape on header of my site.

Looks like a dinosaur. I must be tired.

Zoom in.



So many questions!

Who did this?


Is my website safe?

What is dinosaur’s name?

Google “trolls put a dinosaur on my website”


Now I am putting this mystery to you. Where did this come from? I need to know. I am freaking out. This is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to anyone ever.

Here is my story (I’ve done a story on Dara a dinosaur before so I decided to make the sequel):

Part 1:

Dara the dinosaur dwelled on distressing memories. He’d deceived the other dinosaurs too long, discreetly dancing in the dark. So he declared his desire to dazzle. Despite a delightful performance, demeaning derision of his dreams had been hurled like daggers, drawing tears like blood.

Disowned by the pack because of his differences he despaired. He kept his distance so he could defend himself, and his devotion to dance dissipated. But his dreams never depleted. Detached in his small domain he drew divine depictions of dozens of dazzled fans in the damp earth until his dying days.

Dormant for millions of years, he decomposed but his bones were durable and Dara and his destiny were not destroyed. Now Dara is displayed in all his dazzling glory, demanding the adoring gaze of hundreds day in day out.

Part 2:

But Dara doesn’t stop there. A small daggy boy with a debilitating love for Dara the Dinosaur dabbled in web design. The boy would take over derelict websites, and devilishly dissect newspages directly inserting pictures of Dara. The trend spread like disease, soon all trolls were doing it. The boy never divulged his secret, he felt he had done his duty. Dara continued to dazzle and dinosaurs were not dead. 


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