Death Bed – Day 250 – Anticlimactic

I’d been so worked up about public speaking that I’ve realised I had no real concept of life after that day. All I thought about was surviving that 10 mins up on stage. Now I realise how stupid I am. Life goes on, and the 365 day challenge goes on… and on. Please send in your ideas for rewarding challenges! Silly fun creative things. What have you always wanted to do? What have you always wanted to read? Today I’m doing one for Rob.

The old man lays on his death bed. He’d always been slow, never did what you wanted and pretended not to hear you most of the time. To be honest I thought he was a bit of a dick. I always made jokes about him and we only spent time together because we had to. But the thought of him not being around sparked a strange sentimentality in me. I felt like a child who refuses to play with a toy but cries when you take it off them. I run my hand over his cold hard skin. 

“Hang in there.”

He doesn’t reply. Trust him to pretend not to hear me even on his death bed. I’m going to miss that him. But then something happens, a light turns on behind his eyes and he reboots. Now we’re back working together, and he’s still a miserable old sod. Only clung to life because he didn’t want me to get the day off. 

We always joke the printing computer is an old man- a few days ago the old man broke.


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