The Art of Silly – Day 270 – Sillyness

I went rock climbing today and ended up rolling around on the training mattress area underneath the upside down climbs. There was a sign up saying 13yrs and over, as me and my friend rolled around like 5 year olds. This reminded me what a reward it is to be able to be silly sometimes.


At the age of 7 Jane wasn’t selling homemade lemonade at her stand, she was selling youth. This young entrepreneur would charge 2 dollars to be silly with her. She would make adults pull faces, make animal noises and dance.

The stall quickly became a hit in the high street of her inner city suburb, so with the help of her mum they made it into franchise and an app. Jane now employs hundreds of children across the world, as well as adults with blue cards to ensure their safety. Each child is a certified “silly coach” and each child adds their own flavour to their classes, including Jarryd known for wearing a homemade raccoon outfit and Mika who holds cake throwing classes.

The franchises are particularly popular before and after work in inner city business areas. When asked for an interview Jane simply sent us a soundbite of her pulling a raspberry. 


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