My Place – Day 275 – To rap or not to rap?

Just a few days ago I was asked to give my TEDx speech again for the Foundation for Young Australian’s festival “Unleashed“… which is on Sunday… in Melbourne. This month has been all about reward, and this is a pretty big reward- I’m very flattered. However, I can’t help but feel like I could return to the nervous wreck that I was a month ago before my TEDx speech. Last time I was speaking in my home city and the audience was only about 150ish. This time I’m told there will be over 400 people. Doing these speeches is also making me wonder… what happens after this challenge is over? The other day Michael asked me to write a story based on One Day’s new album “Mainline.” It’s a hip hop record with a lot of reflective spoken word. So today I am reflecting on my future through a bit of poetry- if someone sends in a beat I’ll rap it on another day and put it on youtube.


21 and didn’t know my place

Just knew stories were the base

Of everything I love, every single case


So I write everyday

Life on display

But am I wandering astray?


Now I’m a writer

My future’s looking brighter

But my stomach twists a little tighter


What happens at the end?

Is it just a trend?

Scared I’ll just blend


Into the wall

Without this site my writing’s just a scrawl

Messy and small


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