Giant Diary Part 4- Day 254 – Matt and Laura’s Giant Drawing

On Dec 4th last year Matt sent me this drawing (with credit to Laura’s hand) for my series “Giant Diary.” (You can read part 1, part 2 and part 3 of giant diary here)

I’ve been saving this drawing for a rainy day because it looked so fun. It’s not raining but it is “reward august” so I am rewarding myself with using this drawing for today’s inspiration.


Rupert and Giant have found passion. Rupert and Giant are against human cruelty. We saving all kinds of humans now. Poor humans often try to climb nearby mountain, but humans getting stuck. Rupert suggest we build slide.

So Giant pick a few trees from garden. Giant hollow them, and build safety slide. Giant and Rupert save many humans.

After slide, even more silly humans are getting stuck up mountain. Giant catches humans at end of slide and puts humans back in town, but humans keep coming back. Poor humans. Still much human rights work for Rupert and Giant.





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