Rick and Larry – Day 272 – Little Men

This has been coming for a long time I think. I don’t have many hair accessories, but I do have clips with little men on them.


They are one of my favourite things in life, I’ve even named them: Rick (on left) and Larry (on right). Today I had my fringe cut and the hairdresser started laughing really loudly- she’d just noticed them. It reminded me that they deserve a story. I decided to make up an old norse style myth.

Rick and Larry were the happiest couple in the city. Everyone adored them and wished for their own Rick or Larry. But the goddess Freya was terribly lonely, so she rode into the mortal city and stole the the couple hoping they could share some of their happiness. The lovers awoke separately in a blonde desert of sand dunes. Divided by a large expanse of fringe the two men were stuck, entangled in the long strands of Freya’s hair. It is said they only see each other at night when Freya finally takes them out of her hair to sleep. The people in their home city believe the warmth of their kiss each night is what keeps the nights so cozy. 


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