Space Bees – Day 258 – Welly

Welly told me she’d love to hear a story about how all the bees are disappearing and how this potentially threatens all life on earth. 

We have always been an ‘all or nothing’ colony. If you cross us, we’ll sting you with our dying breath.

But for too long we’ve stood by and watched as humans keep us locked up and take our honey, or seen our friends caught in spiders webs. Many of us have even lost our larvae to hungry badgers.

I say we fly to the stars, if humans can do it so can we. The path will not be easy, but we have designed star suits to help us get there.Earth life needs us, they will realise it when we are gone.

There is nothing left for us here. Let us find a home where we are appreciated or sting with our dying breath.


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