Ned the Numbat – Day 247 – Nerves

Usually on the first of every month I change my theme, but given July’s theme was “ordeal” I’m keeping it going till tomorrow since my biggest ordeal is still yet to come: my TEDx talk. Today I wrote myself a sort of nursery rhyme to try to calm me down.

Ned the Numbat was looking for Nerve. He’d been told he needed Nerve to perform the special Numbat Waddle (a prestigious performance for a young Numbat). So Ned looked high and low. He wondered what Nerve looked like, was he skinny, fat, stripey, spotty? But he couldn’t find Nerve anywhere. In the end, Ned performed the Waddle all by himself, without Nerve. Later the elder Numbat told Ned “you got a lot of Nerve!” Ned was thoroughly confused, but it didn’t matter. He was among the greats, he was a Waddler now.



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