Invisible – Day 360 – Jo

Today Jo was saying that perhaps extinct animals are not actually dead they just adapted to be invisible. I asked if I could use this for today’s story so here we are:

People were never kind to me, so I hung out in the forest a lot. I never saw any animals but it always felt like I had friends there.

One day I was so badly bullied I just wanted to dissapear. So I went to the forest and I did.

When I got there, the forest was teeming with animals. Animals I’d only seen in books, animals I thought were extinct. They sat by me as I calmed down.

I didn’t know it then but I had adapted. If you are bullied for long enough by people, you have to learn to become invisible.

Ghost Icecream – Day 359 – Mysterious Jingle

There is a school near my house which plays a jingle that sounds like an icecream van, as their school bell. I’ve only just figured out this mystery because I thought it was an icecream van that I’d just never seen… a sort of ghost icecream van.

The icecream had gotten rat poisoning in it and all the children died. At least that’s the story most people believed to explain the mysterious icecream van song that could be heard on the street sometimes. But I was too little to understand that yet. I followed the noise all the way down to the creek.

There, I would play with the ghostly icecream lady and eat icecream all afternoon (no calories is a perk of ghost icecream). She told me there was never any rat poison in fact her icecream was the best in town.

The children had eaten so much they had become hyperactive zombies. So she filled the icecream with sour lemons to stop them, but they had pushed her and her van into the creek.

The next day though the children returned to normal and the details were hazy. She doesn’t mind that no one knows the truth, she is just glad that noone can ever be effected by her icecream again.

Lucky Number – Day 358 – Number Identity Crisis

Today there is only a WEEK TO GO of the challenge. Thinking about this made me realise that my numbers weren’t matching up to my end date- it turned out that I had accidentally made a mistake around day 128… meaning every number after that was wrong. My “Day Numbers” were having an identity crisis… hence today’s story:

I used to be a two, but I got changed to a three. The other numbers laugh at me, they tell me I’m messy. They tell me I’m a mistake.

I remember when it happened, I’d only just been drawn into existence. I liked being a two. Two was a couple, it was even, I liked being a two. But then, without warning I was crudely changed to a three. It was an odd number, and it felt wrong. Two was solid, three was awkward.

For a while I thought I was a two trapped in the body of a three. But one day I met an 8 who used to be a zero, her round curves entranced me, they were more beautiful than any other number I’d ever seen.

Something switched that day and I realised I am lucky number. I get to have fun, sometimes I tell others I am a fancy five and other times I just let them guess. Now I know I am not a two or a three, I am whatever I want to be.

ALSO REMINDER: On the 30th of November I will be holding a picnic for you all- please come tell tales and eat food. I would love to meet you! Read more about the event by clicking here.

Unwanted Call – Day 357 – Cinnamon

Cinnamon suggested “unwanted phone calls.”

I remember getting her call. It annoyed me, she knew I was busy. I let it ring out. She left a message, but I didn’t listen to it.

When the second call came it was a day later and it wasn’t her voice on the other end. It was her mothers. She was gone.

I listen to the message she left that day all the time now. It’s just a simple message, she doesn’t say anything special. But it helps me remember her voice.

The Eyes – Day 354 – Mona

I saw this clock made out of a Mona Lisa, it gave me an idea.


I’d never seen art like hers. As I walked around the gallery I could feel all the eyes from the paintings following me around. They were small, playful things and I ended up tripping over a pair of over excited dog eyes. I scooped them up and put them on my shoulder, I didn’t mind having an extra pair of eyes here.

Most people thought the gallery was haunted. I walked deeper into the gallery, to the room no one would dare enter. They say her later paintings toward the end of her life were very dark.

At first I couldn’t see anything at all, it was pitch dark. But then, I realised that the darkness was fur. The entire room was filled with a fury black monster.

It roared at me and the dog eyes on my shoulder bounced around in fear. I reached up and patted the eyes on my shoulder to calm them, which gave me an idea. I extended my hand into the black and started to pat the dark fur in front of me. The monster began to pant and rolled over happily.

I don’t think the gallery is haunted, I think her paintings have always been real. She just knew how to handle them.