It’s a whole new Word! – Day 182 – Dee and Susan

Dee and Susan don’t like reading slang in the wrong context. 

Darren has no TV, no internet and speaks mostly to his cattle. He likes making up sayings. His latest is “y’all” as in “y’all ready to be milked?” and “booyah” as in “can I get a booyah milk’s making some moolah!”On Sundays he covers his white ute in Northern Territory rust as he drives into Town for his weekly “scratch-off” (scratchie). People in town don’t understand his sayings.

“Mate I don’t think po po’s gonna catch on, stick to blue heelers.”

One day, Darren wins his scratch-off. He books plane tickets to America, it’s the first brochure he picks up at the travel agents.

When he arrives the girl says “An Australian? Booyah!”

Everyone in America understands Darren. But Darren hates it, his one unique talent has been taken from him. When Darren gets back to the farm, he comes up with all new words. “Stonking” “porkies” and “chip-butty” are a few of his favourites, he’s sure no one’s thought of those.


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