Through the buttonhole – Day 230 – Button Ordeal

Back in fear feb, Kait suggested “fear of buttons” so I wrote this story. Now here’s the ordeal. 

People made fun of me for my velcro jacket and my elasticated jeans. I never had any friends. I remember the day the buttons tightened. People dropped like flies, their faces blue and lifeless.

I’d always felt uneasy about buttons, they were so fiddly, I was sure they had something to hide. Then the buttons came after the rest of us. There was only one other girl in my town who didn’t wear buttons, I’d never seen her before, she stayed in her house most of the time.

We swam through pools of buttons, struggling not to swallow them and swatting them away from our skin as they threatened to burrow in. We made it to a safehouse and now we stick together like velcro. 


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