What happens when you talk to yourself – Day 229 – Chats with 17 yr old me

On day 72 I did something that scared me – I wrote a letter to my 17 year old self (read here). Now it’s time for the ordeal. Actually talking to 17 year old Freya. 

me and me

“Wow is it really you? I knew Harry Potter was real, you got a time-turner didn’t you?”

“No, you’re just a mix of a memory and imagination. I’m a writer.”

“Stop lying, you got a time-turner.”

“Fine. Sorry you’re still a muggle then.”

“What about that time I flew when I was 5?”

“Oh yeah… I’m still not 100% sure that was a dream.”

“Yeah, that was great.”

“Anyway, teen Freya, I wrote this letter to you a while back… did you get it?”

“Yeah- you read my diary! Rude!”

“I said sorry!”

“Still, it’s embarrassing, no-one can see how crazy I really am.”

“You become more normal.”

“I doubt it, you’re wearing tights as pants.”

“Okay, I did kinda become a hypocrite on that, but it’s comfy.”

“Tights are not pants.”

“It’s only for jogging.”

“Jogging? You disgust me.”

“Yeah… sport still sucks. But you control your blushing a bit better, it only escapes in speeches. And you’ve made peace with the ocean… kind of. You still have that awkward bony body and shoulder blades still stick out like wings, but you know what it’s actually pretty good. Stop freaking out about it and drawing pictures of what you wished you looked like in the back of your diary.”

“I can’t believe you looked at those too. You don’t wear bikini’s do you… without boardshorts and rashie?”



“Hey, this isn’t msn.”

“Sorry… erm. In the letter, did you say something about boys?”

“You’ll get better with them.”

“Don’t tell anyone I haven’t been kissed.”

“Okay… um I won’t… anyway, there are people to kiss later. The main thing is, don’t get hung up on things, and don’t panic. It’s not a symbol of your worth.”

“But I can’t.”

“I know.”

“Then why did you say it?!”

“I thought it sounded good. Anyway better go.”

“Alright. Hey Freya?”

“Yes Freya?”

“You seem okay.”


“I still fell up the stairs at formal even though you warned me.”

“That’s okay we milk that story for all it’s worth. Oh, and one more thing: it gets more acceptable to have such a big crush on Neville. Everyone thinks he’s hot later.”


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