The Psychologist and the Empty Chair – Day 212 – Psychologists

Today I filmed for the psychology faculty at university- shooting various symptoms to be diagnosed by students in exams. It was so interesting! One of the psychologists said I should write a story called the psychologist and the empty chair. 

I wondered why all my psychologists took such long pauses. I’ve been through a fair few and they all do it, and now I’m sure I know why. They’re getting advice from someone. They hear voices. I’m always asked if I hear voices, but I don’t. I’m sure it’s them. My current therapist even has a spare chair in the room, facing us like a third person. 


One Reply to “The Psychologist and the Empty Chair – Day 212 – Psychologists”

  1. I would definitely read that story!

    I am fascinated by the concept of psychologists hearing voices. Could you please explain it a bit more? Do you mean they hear the voices of their supervisors and perhaps people they have learnt from in the past?

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