Rock – Day 213 – Quiet People

I’m a pretty quiet person. Yesterday as I filmed with all the psychologists I noticed for the first time what it’s like to be in a room filled with other quiet slow talking people. Sometimes its difficult for quiet people- but yesterday it was so easy. 

The flowers were loud, they grew fast toward the sun constantly spreading their seeds and letting their petals fly on the wind. Rock tried to keep up with them, but it was hard. By the time he’d finished introducing himself, the flowers had wilted or turned away. Rock always thought there was something wrong with him. Why was he so slow? Why was he so quiet?

One day it rained. Hard and fast, Rock was pelted with fat bullets of water. He could feel the earth softening beneath him, and then he was sliding. Rock wasn’t used to moving, it was fast and scary. But when he finally came to a stop, there were no loud chattering flowers. Just a bunch of grey lumps. He wondered what they were. But then they began to speak, a slow deep rumble. Rock recognised it immediately. There was nothing wrong with Rock, he was just being Rock.


The Psychologist and the Empty Chair – Day 212 – Psychologists

Today I filmed for the psychology faculty at university- shooting various symptoms to be diagnosed by students in exams. It was so interesting! One of the psychologists said I should write a story called the psychologist and the empty chair. 

I wondered why all my psychologists took such long pauses. I’ve been through a fair few and they all do it, and now I’m sure I know why. They’re getting advice from someone. They hear voices. I’m always asked if I hear voices, but I don’t. I’m sure it’s them. My current therapist even has a spare chair in the room, facing us like a third person.