Bubble-Ball – Day 47 – Guardian Sports

Today Heidi White challenged me to write an alternate story for this: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/video/2014/jan/10/cricketers-play-football-wearing-giant-bubbles-video



Swansea City players received all types of abuse after Heidi Fielding, daughter of Bubble Wrap inventor Alfred Fielding, bought the club. Fans were outraged by her ‘bubble-ball’, calling it a cheap gimmick and an insult to a sport steeped in tradition.

But after weeks of controversy many amateur footballers have given it a go and found it to immensely fun. Even David Beckham tweeted a picture of himself playing bubble-ball, and it looks like all that hot air was for nothing.

PS. Interesting well researched wiki fact:
In 1957 two inventors named Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were attempting to create a 3-dimensional plastic wallpaper. Although the idea was a failure, they found that it did make for great packing material. Sealed Air Corp. was co-founded by Alfred Fielding in 1960.


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