The Town – Day 15 – Georgia Welly

Today for diary December I got my christmas wish! I got a real diary entry from a very dear and brave friend called Georgia. So I wrote her a story: 

Georgia’s town was isolated. Her people were peaceful, hard working and fearful. The wall had been closed when she was little to keep out the Others.

Home to a rare and precious mineral, her Town had been flooded with Others trying to trick the townspeople. But her people were smart and whilst the Others warred with each other, they closed the wall. When the Others realised, they were furious. Waves of their armies crashed against the wall, weakening it with every strike. To keep the peace, her people had struck a deal. They would work tirelessly to export equal amounts of the mineral to all.

Since then, mining is the only respectable job. Her father gave up his passion (science) to dig, everyone did. Mining protects her Town. The people became interchangeable, except Georgia.

At 12 she found a discarded piano, and at 14 could play it with her eyes closed. But she was seen as selfish by most, and told to dig. So she did. She dug under the wall and never looked back.

In the years that followed she played in many colourful cities to thousands of Others. Some of whom turned out not to be so bad. She sent a letter home explaining her success every day. The reply was always the same Come home- Dad. She assumed the townspeople still thought music was selfish. So she ignored them. She was terrified of going back to her old life where everything was the same.

5 years later, despite her fears, she decided to go home. What if they were in danger and she really had been selfish?

When she returned she found the wall still stood, as did the mines. But everything had changed. When she left, her father had been inspired to take up science again. He discovered a new way of using the mineral that was indestructible and they had rebuilt the wall. The town was safe, and filled with scientists, musicians and artists.

For those curious the real diary entry is below and it could also double as the girl from the story’s diary entry before she went home. 

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe I will be going home in just a few days. I have been away so long. I am excited to see my family and my friends, who I have missed so much. But I am also a little afraid. When most people spend time away from home they fear that things will change while they were gone, that the lives of the people they know will move on and they will lose their place in the scheme of things. Maybe I am different, because I fear that nothing will have changed – that everything will be the same. Too ordinary, too easy, too familiar. Will returning to an old environment instigate a backwards evolution of the self? Or, to apply a philosophy I have learnt to be quintessentially true, might returning home be whatever I can imagine to want it?



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