Sakrillegious – Day 14 – Pete Lowry

Today I got “7 went in. 3 Came out. The others decided to stay…” from  Pete Lowry. I was stuck for aggges, but finally came up with this. 


It’s hard to deal with the concept that my life is just aimless swimming around. Like most krill I grew up believing in The One. According to legend, The One is a massive blubbery fish with loads of teeth and inside is another world. Thousands of krill swim into the mouth and cross over each year.

Today I saw The One. Me and my krill-ball team swam toward the mouth, exited to move on to the holy land. I suddenly felt a pang of fear as I swam toward the giant tongue. I looked back just as the mouth closed. Darkness. I felt a strong sucking feeling. I could hear the cries of Hundreds of other terrified krill. I got stuck in between two teeth along with my team mates. Then, I heard a voice.

“Help me,” it said.

I looked around. I could make out an old krill who was stuck next to me. He was horribly damaged as the mouth had bitten down on him.

“The atheist plankton group were right,” he said. “We are just a food source for this thing. It’s not a deity.”

Inside a giant mouth about to be eaten, was not the greatest place to have an existential crisis.

“Guys, let’s get out of here,” I pleaded.

I was met with a torrent of abuse: “Non-believer,” “Blasphemy!”

Only one of my team mates, Kate, agreed with me. The others decided to stay. They told us we were idiots and they were going to paradise.

I wondered for a moment, but one look back at the old krill again confirmed we had to leave. I grabbed onto Kate and the old krill. The mouth opened again and we swam against the tide. We were buffeted by more krill trying to get in the mouth but somehow we made it.

Perhaps there is a land beyond the mouth. But I am not so scared of the aimless swimming now. I think Kate might be my girlkrill now, and old shrimp has no-one else to nurse him back to health.



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