Ghost Icecream – Day 359 – Mysterious Jingle

There is a school near my house which plays a jingle that sounds like an icecream van, as their school bell. I’ve only just figured out this mystery because I thought it was an icecream van that I’d just never seen… a sort of ghost icecream van.

The icecream had gotten rat poisoning in it and all the children died. At least that’s the story most people believed to explain the mysterious icecream van song that could be heard on the street sometimes. But I was too little to understand that yet. I followed the noise all the way down to the creek.

There, I would play with the ghostly icecream lady and eat icecream all afternoon (no calories is a perk of ghost icecream). She told me there was never any rat poison in fact her icecream was the best in town.

The children had eaten so much they had become hyperactive zombies. So she filled the icecream with sour lemons to stop them, but they had pushed her and her van into the creek.

The next day though the children returned to normal and the details were hazy. She doesn’t mind that no one knows the truth, she is just glad that noone can ever be effected by her icecream again.


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