Bound – Day 237 – Indian Ordeal Reprise

When I went India I saw so many men and little boys walking with their arms around each other as they chatted. It made me wonder why in Australia we would be so scared of this, it didn’t threaten anyone’s masculinity in India, why should it here? So I wrote this story:

Two boys

Arm in arm

Became two warriors

Two husbands

Two fathers

Two leaders

And still they walk arm in arm


One day when war was upon them

They led a march to a strange land

Arm in arm


The strangers laughed

And told them they were not men

Because they walked arm in arm

So they challenged the strangers to a duel


And now the strange land is called home

And the mark of a fierce warrior is to march

Arm in arm


Today here’s a little epilogue of the ordeal the warriors put the folk from the strange land through.

Two men

Too proud

Too fearful

Became two prisoners

They pull the cart

Hand in hand

Sweat loosens their grip

Their hands slip

Sharp leather tongues lick their backs

Their hands snap back together

The tongues stop

Bound forever because of their fears


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