Forgetting India – Day 223 – The ordeal of forgetting

During “Fears February” I wrote a story about how I was scared my experience of India would become dulled down by time (read here). Today I’m revisiting that fear.


I’ve mixed the original story with the new story (the original is scrubbed out)

She’d explored abandoned palaces hidden in dust  

The memories had slipped through her hands like dust

Communicated in foreign tongue and dance

Her tongue twisted and her feet slid as she tried to replicate the language and dance

Weaved through chaos

Sitting in lines of perfectly organised traffic she tried to recall the messy streets

And tattooed the tale on her hands

It had all faded like henna

For she feared when she got home

Including her fears

The knowledge would vanish

For a lesson did remain

And the memories would become empty anecdotes

Each anecdote reminded her that there was another world outside her own

Dredged up only to impress others at parties

She’d tell them so she’d never forget that there was always more to learn about that other world



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