Truce – Day 221 – Beach Ordeal Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about preparing for battle. Today I faced my fear: waves, cold, exposed, unpatrolled, unpredictable sea. Here’s my story.

Walking straight into the sea’s icy grip. I felt vulnerable and bare. My heart skipped and goosebumps prickled on my skin like an allergic reaction. Still I continued to walk. The sea crashed against me, trying to bowl me over and knock the air from my lungs. But still I waded further. I looked up at the sky, the moon was peering at me, surreal against the bright blue sky. The rocky face that controlled the tides I fear so much was staring me right in eye. So I stared back, and continued to walk, feeling the cold grip my insides. The shore was distant and the sea was infinite. But then the waves became gentle and the sun warmed my face. I felt the moon and I had come to an understanding. I was a respectful guest, willing to try the Sea’s customs, and in return it was gentle with me.

Displaying IMG_35651.jpg

I still ran out pretty quickly and prefer being safe warm and dry though…

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