BDRGRRS – Day 175 – Sue’s Vogon Govt. Reports

I was getting a little worries that I wasn’t getting any prompts, but asketh the Twitter and thee shall receiveth in abundance! Thank you twitter people! First up it’s Sue’s dislike for reading Government documents.


So I’ve given the govt. report style a go. I haven’t had time today to write all 200 pages that would normally be needed so I’ve just written an introduction…

Our Aim: To better understand BDRGRRS and prevent the spread of BDRGRRS for a healthier government workforce.

The annual BDRGRRS report aims to continue to understand BDRGRRS and BDRGRRS sufferers. In this report BDRGRRS stands for Brain Decay Related to Government Report Reading Sessions.

Key Findings:

1. BDRGRRS cases occur most frequently in Government Departments such as Finance and least in Arts related departments.

2. Since the advent of the annual BDRGRRS report. BDRGRRS has risen by 60%

3. BDRGRRS must continue to run in order to better understand preventative health measures for BDRGRRS.


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