You this Season – Day 171 – JJ’s shopping problems

JJ told me she hates “shopping ‘guides’ where a t-shirt is $450″ It made me wonder what it would be like if we could sell other things like fashion.

This season the titter is the new black. We love Chuckleshop‘s “timeless titter.” At just $450 for a straight brainstallation your laughing. Make sure you don’t get a cheap one as they often have snort-laugh glitches. 

Couple this with Fast Wit‘s new “fun’n’flirty” humour software ($845) this spring and you’ll be the centre of attention at every party. Other Witware is available but getting something that makes you too fast and too intellectual can be unflattering and scare others off (eek!).

Our last pick for this spring is the new natural scent from BYO BO. This fun new company has set up a range of scents that can be injected straight into the glands, and last an entire season so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing BO. We recommend the sultry but fresh “Paris Kiss” (just $600 this spring only).



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