Onion Juice- Day 168 – Laura’s Onion Overload

I met a lovely lady called Laura today at lunch, she told me she really doesn’t like when food is filled out with huge chunks of onion. I wondered why a chef would do this?

At 5 Morris broke his arm, but didn’t cry, he didn’t want the bullies to know they’d hurt him. The school nurse called him a “brave warrior”.

At 12 his father died, he still didn’t cry. This time the nurse tried to book him therapy sessions.

At 18 Morris’ girlfriend dumped him for being “clinical”.

At 20 he got a job as a kitchen hand, his first task was to cut the onions. For the first time, a tear traversed the smooth terrain of his cheeks. It felt hot and tasted salty, Morris quite enjoyed the feeling.

At 29 Morris is now a professional chef. His dishes all have onion in them, and he never lets the kitchen hand prep the onions. 


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