UpDate – Day 162 – Lucy’s Jetlag

Lucy answered my ‘what gets your goat?’ post with two simple words: ‘Jet lag’.

I didn’t bring anything back from overseas except the time zone. What was the point? I had no one to give presents to anyway. My world is lagging like Windows 95. The people rushing for the train are a blur. My vision freezes on a pretty girl and I can’t seem to look away.

Close close close! Vision has stopped responding. End now?  

It’s too late, she’s seen me. I watch her lips move but the sound is out of sync.

Refresh! Refresh!

Her puzzled expression tells me she’s asked a question, but my brain is still buffering. Finally it loads in frustratingly small installments.

“Where’ve you…

been? I’ve missed…

seeing you and your…

weird geek t shirts on the train.”

Windows needs to update. Reboot? 

My brain shuts down and I’m left stammering.

“L-l-loads of places. Me and my geek shirt could tell you about it over coffee if you’d like?”

Windows has updated successfully. 



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