Infinite – Day 118 – Jon Silver

Yesterday I met with another of my old lecturers, Jon. 


As usual I asked him what he was good at that he could teach me. He told me he’s a good salesman. You can’t sell something by just telling, you have to ask questions and let the person come to the conclusion that they need it (yes ‘need’ even if it’s a bird shaped pen- they might need it because they have an emotional need to keep their childlike sense of fun with them through out the day’s meetings).

Then I asked a new question, “what have you failed at, that I should avoid?”

He told me resting – not just the body, but the mind and soul too. And if you don’t you’re only creating obstacles down the track. I needed this advice as I’m currently pretty sick and stressing myself out.

Finally, I asked for a prompt and he asked me a pretty hefty question: Is the universe a living organism?

Here’s my story:

The Sun burned inside him. He was never able to fit in or concentrate. He’d drift like space junk, trying to articulate his milky ideas to others. He liked looking up at night. It looked like a brain to him, perhaps they were all just thoughts in a huge brain. The others would laugh at him. So he went to his grandmother.

“I’ve always thought our minds are made up of thousands of galaxies,” she said, and he could see the wisdom of millions of stars past and present twinkling in her eyes.

“Never assume your thoughts are worth less than others,” she continued. “Your mind is infinite. Perhaps there is even a tiny boy on a tiny planet inside you, who is wondering the same thing.” 


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