Mountains – Day 106 – Mentor Mountain

I was here all day for a photo shoot and started wondering how mountains are made. I Googled it and found the term ‘fold mountains.’ I read a little – but not being a geologist – I started to get confused. So I wrote my own explanation:

Bored, the earth decided to try origami. It took a nice flat plain and started folding.But folding the earth’s crust was harder than it had anticipated. It tried over and over discarding uneven shapes across the plain. And so the first mountain range was created.

Having lived their entire lives up till then as flat beings, the mountains were very disgruntled. Twisted and hunched they felt like unwilling contortionists, with no older mountains to guide them through their transition.

But in time, they learnt to rely on each other and now animals come from all around to climb the mountains and learn from them.


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