Staring Contest – Day 67 – Spiders

Stacey admitted her fear of spiders to me over twitter yesterday. Something we share. I am so scared of spiders that daily tasks like walking through this path become terrifying ordeals with bizarre bowing rituals in order to avoid being webbed. 20140202_164404

As most good arachnophobes would know, once you see a spider- it’s particularly important you continue to stare at it. Because the only thing worse than seeing a spider, is not seeing it. So I ran with the idea and came up with this:

Quick! Don’t look away. It might move.

This is fun, a staring competition.

Okay get the traditional weapons.

Oh it’s coming closer. Bring it buddy, you’re going down. I was born to stare.

Please don’t move as I put the glass down.

What’s this crazy forcefield? 

Okay, glass bit is over. Just slide the postcard in gently. Don’t let a leg out.

Hey a gap! I can get a leg out! 

Ew! It’s escaping.

Ouch my leg!

Alright buddy, off to the garden. Where you belong.

Hey, I can’t leave now. What happens at the end of Game of Thrones?

I’m scared. I guess I don’t need this glass. Just throw the whole thing into the bush.

Wow, what a sore loser. I have 8 eyes, I was always going to win.



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