Philosophy fly – Day 57 – Toilet Comic

It’s day’s like these I really wish I didn’t have to write a story. I’m pretty sick today and haven’t been able to complete my challenge of finding a new place for my story to go.For now I’ll just post the story but I promise I’ll update this tomorrow morning with a photo of it in it’s new home.

So my friend sent me this comic strip he found above a urinal in Portland Oregan. 


Philosophy fly


He can make frogs question their sexuality

And spiders fret over their individuality

But he doesn’t know why

So he starts to cry

Perhaps he should stop

But then the penny drops


He remembers old man grasshopper

Who always came a cropper

He met obstacles with aggression

Instead of a well phrased question

He once made an accusation

About the meaning of creation

And lost his only friend

Never knowing why it did end


So philosophy fly wipes away a tear

And vows to spread curiosity, not fear


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