Bertha – Day 45 – Seattle Newspaper


Michael and Kait took this pic of the local news in Seattle for me this morning. So I’ve written a story about poor old Bertha.


Bertha the Boring Machine was bored

Bored of bossy balding blokes babbling

Bewildered by their banal boasting

Barrelling brashly through boundless barren boulders

She felt barbaric, she didn’t belong

It bored into her very bolts

Bogged down by all this she bombed out

Boffins were boggled by her broken body

Blinded by bitterness, she wouldn’t budge

She became a burden for the business


They butchered Bertha

Boxed her up and sent her over the border in bits

But she is beautiful now

She’s in Burmese busses and Belgian bikes

She’s travelled the world, buoyant on Bosnian boats

From Bangladesh to Burundi


And she will never bore again.


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