The Real Harrogate – Day 43 – Zandra Wheeler & Steve Toase

The Real Harrogate - Day 43 - Zandra Wheeler & Steve Toase

So I posted on facebook that this week I want to base all my stories off news-related challenges. People were very amused by the funny pic of a newspaper article I posted with it. SO! I wrote a story based on the article. Imagine the article is cut out and attached to the letter below. You’ll need to cross reference. Also unrelated – can we all take a moment to appreciate the last name “Bromance”.


I know I told you moving to Harrogate was to relax and enjoy the gardens and spas, but you know how trouble follows me. Let’s just say I sold some people a “hat” and then this article appeared in the local paper today. It’s funny how you pick up the local lingo. People use “woollen” to mean dodgy. I suppose I had knitted it with a lesser wool blend. “Put it on a fence post” is a kind of gruesome threat people use. Anyway, I already spent the hat money and I’m not keen on being put on a fence post so I was wondering if you could lend me some cash. I need it by April 10 (tomorrow). Perhaps you can come up for a daytrip and pay Bilton Lane a visit (43 is the street number and Sharon Bromance is the password).

Thanks brother! I owe you one.



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