Cloudman – Day 37 – Cinnamon Eacott

Pulled out – Cloudman from Cinnamon today. 

Crossing over isn’t how you’d imagine. There’s usually a lengthy stop over and if you’re like me you probably haven’t accumulated many soul points so you’ll be in economy class. My stop over was in one of the busy soulports, cloudland. I thought this was a nightclub but apparently it’s also a place where clouds are made. It’s just a factory really.

I sat down and waited while a bunch of workers messed about with temperatures and humidity to create different forms.  An old man sat down next to me. His magnificent beard and eyebrows almost blended in with the fluffy white surroundings.

“They should do something more creative,” I said. “You know – castles or something.”

“I tried but the regulations are pretty strict,” replied the man.

“You work here too?”

 “Sometimes when you see a rabbit – that’s me.”

“Are you dead?” I asked.

“We’re all dead,” he answered looking around. “You can choose to stop here forever if you’re scared to go on.”

“What would happen if you broke the rules?” I continued to prod.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“What is there to lose?”

We managed to get through a castle, a field of flowers and giant naked lady before being caught and moved on. The other side turns out to be very similar to life on earth, except elitist dickheads are called ‘Angels’ and reality TV is more sin based. Even in death, life was monotonous.

I was frustrated until I saw a paper which read ARTISTIC RIOTS IN CLOUDLAND. Perhaps this was the start of something new after all.


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