The Silent Storytellers – Madelaine Spina

This is part 2 of my to be continued series from my first story- including the talented very young writers ideas- Madelaine Spina who gave me the trigger “Waterfall, hidden cave behind it and an inheritance” Also Madelaine- I think you’d be happy to know I am currently listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack to block out the sleepover chatting noise. 


Matthew looked at the map then back up at the waterfall. How could it be in the waterfall? He read the accompanying story again though he knew the paragraph off by heart.

Frank first found the storytellers in the waterfall. They were tall, willowy and very quiet; always writing, always listening. They never left their posts.

Something clicked in Matthews brain, could it be behind the waterfall. Was this crazy? It was too late he’d jumped, precariously landing on an algae covered rock. A few more curiosity fuelled leaps and he was there. The water pelted him for a moment and then he was through.  Huge arched cave walls glittered back at him, but Matthew was disappointed. There was no storyteller, just a limp leafless tree. He looked around, no doorways, nothing. He sat down and looked at the map, perhaps the next location would reveal all. 


One Reply to “The Silent Storytellers – Madelaine Spina”

  1. I love it Freya! Very inspirational writing! I do feel a bit guilty that you had to do it in the middle of the night but glad Stephen Fry was there to keep you company. We just looked at the videos and maybe now would be the right time to become a coffee drinker! – Madelaine

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