The Mysterious Key – Beatrice Tucker + Cinnamon Eacott

So Beatrice gave me “the mystery of the Belgian mask shop” and Cinnamon gave me “A small but determined young child finds an old key in their backyard and sets out on a mission to find the door it opens”

This is Part 1- part 2 is next.

Dear Jamie,

How is it inside Newcastle? My name is Anita, I live in Belgium and I currently have your mysterious key. It arrived in my mailbox this morning. I cannot believe there are so many stamps on the envelope, this small key is really going everywhere! I was touched by your letter and intrigued because I am  owning an old mask shop and there is a door I’ve never been able to liberate. I tried your key and it is the ideal solution. Unfortunately, it’s just a closet and it is empty, but for a letter. Please find enclosed. I do not think you will be disappointed. I’m sorry for my English, I used Google translate.


PS. I actually did put it through google translate a few times.


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