Sober – Laura Noonan

Laura Noonan gave me the trigger ‘appletini, plumber and cyclone’. Here is my story. Starting to realise that the idea of editing needs to be thrown out the window. This is live and unedited!

2450. 10 years since cocktail night. The day that changed the world. Changes in the atmosphere and climate caused streams of baileys to flow from the rivers and the seas became polluted with vodka. Most eco-systems have been destroyed causing mass extinction and animal alcoholism, particularly amongst oxen.

Plumber and water baron, Gina Palmer, surveys her newest water bar. Thousands are congregating outside, she can almost feel the thirst of the crowd for sobriety; for relief. It was almost too easy. A waiter passed her a premium tap water, liquid gold.

A familiar hiss from the crowd outside had started. It was the protestors. Scientists had been sending Gina threats since the global disaster. They warned if she didn’t stop controlling water supplies and donate to research into the phenomena more drastic alcoholic events could occur. Gina didn’t even bother look up to see them, she thought it was ridiculous, besides this was making her the richest woman in the world.

The familiar chants of ‘We won’t be filtered!’ drifted through the glass and then suddenly they stopped. Gina looked up for the first time, they’d never stopped before. Then it hit, the glass shattered and the roof lifted off the bar, appletini poured in from the skies. The cyclone wiped out most of the city that day. 


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