The lost scene from the Labyrinth – Alex Neill

I think I may have just ruined my childhood- but Alex asked for fan fic… 

The goblin king shifted awkwardly on his throne. Whilst his pants did look kingly, they were rather snug to his crown jewels. Hoggle stood before him.

‘Why do they call you the goblin king, I’m a goblin. You’re not,’ Hoggle prodded.

‘Goblin’s can’t be trusted to govern themselves,’ the king snapped. ‘Besides, I write the catchiest goblin tunes, I think in another life I was an international rockstar.’

Hoggle sniffed. ‘Self obsessed prick.’

‘Look,’ said the King. ‘I just want you to give this poisoned fruit to young Sarah so I can keep her baby brother! You used to love a bad boy.’

Hoggle took the fruit but glared nonetheless. ‘Not anymore,’ he muttered.

What a sneaky little rat, the King thought. Never work with exes. 


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