In Code – Day 307 – Learning to Code

I’m at a workshop today learning how to code. We were taught how to generate haikus. I didn’t really understand what I was doing, but I began entering words for my haiku. I went to the abc news page and began entering words and phrases in order to make a topical poem about Australia. I then started coding- I couldn’t get a full Haiku – all I managed was to generate one random phrase. Here it is:


Tony Abbott… it was depressing and short, but I guess it got the job done.

I considered posting this as my story for today. But even though these two words had taken me an hour of coding- it seemed like cheating. This highlighted something for me. This project has only been hard because of my expectations. When I get a suggestion, the ones I find hardest are often the ones which really dictate the major plot points. This is because don’t like posting anything that won’t surprise either my readers or myself. It’s just in my coding I guess… so here’s my story (Warning- interactive):


Superman Becomes the Flash(er)- Day 179 – Streetundies’ conundrum

This month’s theme is ‘conflict’ and lately I’ve been writing in genres that people tell me they hate to see if I can make them better. But today I’m breaking out for just one story as I got the most genuinely odd suggestion from @STREETUND1ES today on twitter. They have a conflict of their own “why do undies sometimes find themselves on the street?” In fact that’s what their entire website is about: streetundies.comI felt this was a pressing issue that needed to be resolved so here is my story.


Image Warner Bros.
Pictured: Superman last week going commando

After Superman was spotted last week without his trademark red underwear, the trend of throwing one’s underwear to the curb is on the rise. Like the burning of the bra in the 1960s many citizens took to the street today to throw out their underwear. Here at we’re just hoping PM Tony Abbott doesn’t catch on and let his red speedos fly free.