Moment – Day 166 – Georgia Below the Line

It’s a very short story today. I can usually imagine what it’s like to be a giant or a dragon or an ant, but today I tried to write a story on extreme poverty and could barely get a word down. I know nothing of this struggle.

My friend Georgia Wellington knows a little more than me. She contacted me for “Conflict in May” telling me thing she dislikes the most is that one in five people in our world live in extreme poverty – without adequate access to food, water, sanitation, healthcare, shelter, education or employment. So she is living Below the Line this may on just $2 a day, to help the 40% of East Timorese people who live in extreme poverty right now. 

While researching East Timor I found they have an endangered species of Shrew whose habitat is disappearing, it made me imagine a moment between girl and shrew…

Probing eyes meet, wary. They instantly recognize glazed haze of hunger. Their guards fall with heavy thuds, too weary to keep them up. The shrew curls up at the girls toes, and the two rest side by side.

If you’d like to help out Georgia please donate via her Below the Line page.