Lords of Waterdeep – Day 193 – Boardgame Madness

Aidan tells me winning “Lords of Waterdeep” is hard. 

They told me not to sail those waters. But I needed to feed myself. I had no friends in the town and needed to make my own way. The bay was overfished and I heard tale of great ripples off shore. There must be huge and terrible beasts round those areas. I wondered what their meat would taste like, and what price people would pay for such a delicacy. 

So I took my little fisher boat out to sea as the sun spilt over the horizon, lighting the peaks of the waves. Ahead I could see the ripples folk had spoken of. As I lowered my net I was shot in the eye by a jet of water. I looked around for the source. It was coming from a hole in my boat. More and more were popping up from the timber decking. As the jets shot up, they sprouted fingers grasping blindly at the air. I flattened myself against the side of the boat trying to avoid them. But they weren’t grasping for me. They grabbed at the floorboards and began to pull down. The sea was pulling the vessel under. 

I am a Lord of Waterdeep now. The convicts drowned years ago, and now they rule the waters looking for other paupers like me. We live in luxury and we never go hungry because we don’t eat.