Slow – Day 167 – Walking Frustration

When the zombie apocalypse finally came Georgia didn’t mind that the “living impaired” left rotten flesh on the pavement, or that they were illiterate or that they ruined the economy because they weren’t interested in buying food. But she couldn’t stand their slow walking, it was utterly infuriating when trying to run for the bus.

Georgia May told me she hates slow walkers.


;) – Day 163 – Georgia’s Facebook Woes

Georgia sent me a list of things she doesn’t like. One of them was “Facebook saying someone has ‘seen’ my message but they haven’t replied.” Well I’ve seen this message and I’m not going to keep you hanging on any longer. I think there are a few things on facebook that would be excruciating in real life.

I spot a familiar face in amongst the bored shoppers.

“Hey Jess, nice to see you last night.”

“You too it was a big night,” she smiles.

I give her the thumbs up, I’m not sure why. 

“Actually I’m surprised you remember I was there,” she says. “I can’t believe you told Jason!”

“Told Jason what?”

She looks at me then turns away to the shelves. 

“Told him what?” I ask again.

She continues looking at the shelves. Why isn’t she replying? She’s definitely seen me. I rack my brain. What could I have told Jason? Then Jess opens her mouth as if to speak. She mouths some indistinguishable words as if thinking of what to say, and shuts her mouth again.

Then she announces loudly to the other shoppers, “At Target: feeling embarrassed lol,” before ignoring me once more.

A thought hits me and my insides begin to constrict uncomfortably. I didn’t. I wouldn’t have told him that the giant floater in his toilet at his last party was me. Jess continues to look at the shelves so I decide to text Jason. How can I make this better? I can’t. I decide to make a joke. I’m sorry about last night. Rookie mistake: never own up to a poo. Haha.

Suddenly Jess kicks into gear again.

“You told him you’d go on a date with him! He’s really into you,” Jess winks. 

Tangled – Day 155 – Frustration

Thoughts tangled

Mangled words hissed in my ear 

I fear we’re too entwined

Blind frustration

The foundation for our relation is weak

Meek and flimsy like you

Too much of our bond is a song

It’s wrong and the melody crackles

You tackle the problem by breaking up

I’m waking up finally finding the root

Using brute force I tug the cord

Awed by the sudden music that floods my hearing

You’re endearing once more

I adore you, we are smitten again

The pain of tangled headphones forgotten


The first of ‘Conflict’ May and I’ve started us off on a silly one. Tangled earphones is something that makes me irrationally angry.