Her Face is Not Important – Day 303 – Adrian

Because I did a sad “memory” story yesterday Adrian told me I should really do a happy one too. Especially since I have now PASSED THE 300 STORY MARK GUYS! (not that I’m excited or anything)

So, I’ve taken inspiration from another thing I learnt from the memory episode of radiolab about a man with amnesia who couldn’t recognise his wifes face if she walked by, but still recognises her by her embrace. 

Her face is not important

I’m can’t imagine it ever was

It was her warmth

Her mind

Her care

That was important

Most people think the important things are




But I’ve found what’s real

When I think of her

It’s better than a face

It’s a feeling

Her meaning

That’s what survives

Nature Speaks for Itself – Day 142 – Forest

Tall wooden hands reaching into the ground

Clinging onto earth

Feeling at one with nature

I decide to climb the face of the bark

But it opens an eye

And then a mouth

“Get off my face!”



Just got back from a forest, written in a tree which I climbed. Also it had a face…