Jules – Day 326 – Creep

I got the word “creep” in pictionary. This is what I drew: 

photo (12)

Jules cannot walk. He only creeps. It’s not his fault. He was born with that walk, the drooling and glasses are his own choice. He decided he would accentuate what nature gave him.


Will You Draw with Me? – Day 308 – High fiving a stranger

This month I am going to resurrect the mentor idea and ask you an my mentors from the start of the year to give me advice about leaving the world I’ve created in the 365 Day Challenge. But before that I have a very special story to tell. 

Today I sat in the library and was working on the conclusion of my thesis. I’d been thinking a lot about how flippin great it is to follow your natural curiosity, and as I wrote a particularly good sentence, a feeling came over me. So I wrote this note:20141001_150232

And then after wiping nervous sweat from my hands- I poked the stranger next to me in the shoulder and gave him the note.

He read it. Smiled. Our palms came into contact and the quiet library was filled with the sound of our high five. We giggled for a second, then went back to our work. Not a single word was spoken. I’m sitting next to him as I type but I think we’re both too scared to look at each other- it will ruin that perfect unspoken moment.

Here’s my story:

She didn’t understand a lot of people. Why did some have tattoos, why did others wear suits? Why did some only drink juice and why did others eat dead things? Why were they so different to her?

She did however, understand drawing. She drew all the time. At lunch break, in class and at home. She liked to imagine drawing picture with the different people everyone. So one day she left the school grounds. That day she drew 3 pictures before she was caught by her teacher, one with a bearded man and a pigeon from the park, one with the baker and one with a tattoo lady. She wrote them a note “Will you draw with me?” and when they put pen to paper no words were spoken.

At first she was in trouble, but then her teacher saw how much she wanted to draw. Her parents supported it and eventually so did the entire school. She would get one day off every week where her dad would take her around town, and she would draw with people. She drew everyone from politicians to musicians, and she began to understand people, even when they were wildly different to her.

Eventually, she fell ill. And people had to come to her. Then, she stopped drawing altogether. That day in parliament before beginning, as a mark of respect, they stopped to draw together. No speaking, no arguments, just pen on paper. There was said to be no arguing that day, only understanding.

Naked – Day 289 – Doodle (without the doodle)

Brian was scared of most things. Sharks, kettles whistling, not knowing people’s names, being naked, nameless naked sharks whistling, the list was endless. His life was governed by avoiding fears, but he couldn’t avoid them in his dreams. He often had nightmares about his fears.

One morning as he switched the kettle off just before it boiled to make his tea, he decided enough was enough. He walked into town and stripped off.

“Come and get me!” he shouted to the world.

And the world did, in the form of two policewomen. But it wasn’t so bad, they spent most of their time trying not to laugh at him.

After a short hearing where he was deemed mentally unstable, he decided life wasn’t so scary after all.  Brian doesn’t have the dreams anymore and he’s even let the kettle boil once or twice.

I got sent another doodle! This one was from Georgia. Looking at the picture reminded me of how scary this challenge has been in terms of putting my life online. I’m not prone to that, and it did initially feel like I was bare in front of everyone.