Code of Practice – Day 146 – Dentist


From the dentist. Just had my teeth cleaned and I’m always confused by the secret code the dentist and hygienist use to speak to each other. It sounds like another language, so I started imagining this:

Hygienist: Is P 15 upper looking good? (He’s a looker)

Dentist: L 21 lower may have some troubles (garlic breath)

Patient: Sorry I was so late, just came from work. Had to deliver some puppies.

Dentist: No worries at all Mr. Bruns. Actually L 21’s not so bad (never mind about the breath)

Patient: I always think the code dentists use sounds like your playing battleships.

Dentist: Nothing on M 12 upper (not another battleships joke)

Patient: Sometimes I use vet code to talk about owners at work to my colleagues. But you guys probably have more sophisticated ways to get through the day.

Dentist: Haha ingenious, we’d never think of something like that.