Penny the Poo – 231 – Through the butthole

I should have seen this coming. Yesterday I titled my story “Through the buttonhole” I then recieved this comment:

“I read that as ‘Through the butthole’. I wanna suggest ‘Through the butthole’ as a story idea.”  

Thanks Georgia, my first troll- that really is an ordeal. Probably my hardest and most embarrassing yet. Challenge accepted.

tina butts

Under a tight black skirt there is a pair of tiny lace knickers. And under the tiny lace knickers there is a tiny pert butt. And in the tiny pert butt lives a tiny poo called Penny.

“Oh dear,” says Penny the Poo, “I am not a number 2. I am made of filet mignon and caramelized pear. I am a michelin star dish, unique and rare.”

“No one told me I would be chewed. And that my fate is spew or poo. I used to be beautiful, the most expensive on the menu. I do not belong in a loo.”

But poor Penny had to accept her fate. As she faced the throne she remembered her life on that luxurious plate.

“Alas it does not matter how much money they did spend, or if my ingredients were on trend, we all become mush in the end.”