First Story!

Hello All! This is the first story and I’m not going to say whose idea this is yet because… DUN DUN DUN! It is a to be continued and hopefully I’ll be able to weave it through throughout the stories. If you can guess props to you! 

Dearest Matthew,

Of all the things I’ve left for you, this book is the dearest. These browned worn stories are very fragile. I hope you will find the same mystery and joy in them as I have. I spent many of my younger years researching these stories, but never found any scientific explanation for them. The last one is from me and includes a map of their origin. Hopefully it will explain everything.

Yours always,

Your father


8 Hours to go!

There’s a matter of hours before this whole thing kicks off! Remember submissions open 9pm tonight! Tweet @freyawriter or facebook at And if you’re in Newcastle for TiNA or NYWF or any of the other festivals on this weekend please do come in and see me I’m at the Elderly Citizen Centre in Liang Street (behind the mall near One Penny Black).

Look out for my hourly-ish video blogs too! All stories and blogs will be posted here on this page. Now DISCLAIMER TIME* There are some unforeseen interweb and 3G issues at my venue, so if nothing has happened on the site or fb/twitter pages for a while please be understanding of my internet woes. I promise I’ll still be writing and will post the backlog as soon as I can get access again.

Thanks so much for following my challenge I hope to thank you all for your support by supplying you all with wit and/or deliriousness.