Get Involved

If you want to challenge me, come up with a story idea in under 36 words and send it to me! Submissions open on the 28th of November.

You can post it to my facebook at :

Or you can tweet it to me @freyawriter

Ideas and challenges relating to a themed day must follow the relevant twitter or facebook thread. They must also be submitted by 5pm the day before to give me time to sort through submissions and choose one. If you have a general challenge that does not fit into the scheduled upcoming themes please start a separate facebook post or #newchallenge at the start of your tweet.

Ideas may be a few disconnected words eg. ‘claustrophobic, biscuits and puppeteer’ or it could be a sentence eg. ‘a claustrophobic puppeteer chokes on a biscuit.’ It could be anything you like! As long as you can keep it under 36 words I’ll do my best to make a story out of it.

NOTE: Beware Trolls, I will turn you into stories.


4 Replies to “Get Involved”

  1. Conchita Consuela Poiter – the alter ego of a bank payroll officer Leonie. Leading the life she always wanted to through Conchita. Can you write about Conchita?

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