A girl needs shoes- Day 6 – Cheryl Lowry

Today’s challenge: Twitter Tuesday (Story under 140 characters) + Diary December (must be a diary entry or based off someones diary entry) + Cheryl Lowry’s prompt “A tango dancer finds herself in Buenos Aries without her favourite 9cm stilettos.” 

Buenos Aries Day 1: I forgot my stilettos. The audience stared. A bittersweet realisation: magic shoes were real, my tango talent wasn’t.

Life Log – Day 5 – Alita Pashley

Today’s idea was from Alita Pashley who gave me this:

“Sticky-outty hair because too much Harry Potter (and wine) happened last night. Now I have homicidal feelings towards some less-than-desirable colleagues who are not letting me buy coffee.
Please include magical realism.
(34 words! BAM!)”

1am.      Wine. Shouting. Argument over Horcruxes. Uncontrollable laughter.

2am.      Carried home by Snape. He’s surprisingly nice. Room has turned into dodgy                            spinning fete ride.

8am.      Wake up late. Nargles have taken all my matching socks.

9am.      Get to work. Meeting. Homicidal feelings toward colleagues who won’t let me buy                  coffee.

10am.    Communal stale biscuits tell me I have to eat them. Regret. Can I sleep with eyes                  open?

11am.    No.

12pm.   Colleagues argue over name of steps in new marketing strategy. ‘Planks’ or                             ‘platforms’? Kill me now.

1pm.      Meeting over. Lunch commencing. Winning!

2pm.      Toilet break. Mirror points out I’m losing. Seem to have modelled my hair on                          Cameron Diaz in ‘Something about Mary’.

3pm.      Okay need to do actual work. Who is texting me? Shut up phone, I am being                          productive!

4pm.      Another text. Must be a sign. Trying to concentrate on work today is futile. Check                phone, it’s Snape!

5pm.      See you later suckers. This woman has a date to get ready for.

6pm.      Make up tricked me. Snape is now dating the Joker. What is his real name?

7pm.      He’s at the door. I can’t just call him Snape.

8pm.      Why haven’t I asked his real name yet? I can’t go back.

9pm.      Snape is a lot hotter without wig.

10pm.   Sweat gods, please have mercy on me and my white top.

11pm.   Snape went for hug. I went for kiss. Disaster.

12am.    Home again. Master Google laughs at me and tells me I ballsed it up. At least I                        won’t have to admit I don’t know his name.

Giant -Day 4- Erin Michelle

First day of ‘Diary December’ so I’m keeping it simple. Today’s idea brought to you by Erin Michelle: “A quilt made of materials not normally associated with quilts.”


Giant make quilt for cave today out of woven tree branches, cow skins, hay and flattened human tin wheelie boxes. Giant get called soft by others. Giant doesn’t care. Giant’s cave is fabulous. Also, giant tell others that next time it will be made from their skin.



Downloaders – Day 3 – Brett Pemberton

So today I got my dad to pull a story out of the pot, when he pulled out:
“In 2153, a private detective and his robot sidekick are swept up in a conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of the universe.”

I freaked out. But eventually I got to this…

“When was The Princess Bride released?” Rob asks.

“I said I knew virtual experiences,” Pemberton says, “not classic old films! Give me a break. I’m all human, not a bloody downloader like you. I still like manual Google. I’m old school like that.”

“Released 1987. You’re a private detective Pemberton, you could do with a memory implant. Get with the times,” Rob teases. “Oh, I’ve finished buffering. Network Leaks has an update. They’ve cracked the science database. I’m gonna be a genius!”

“I told you,” says Pemberton, “don’t stream their updates, they could be dangerous!”

“They’ve been useless so far,” Rob snorts. “Anyway, how else are we supposed to keep tabs on them?”

Rob’s voice cuts out. White noise and static fill the auditorium. The lights go up. Pemberton stands on stage.

“This is where Rob’s memory reconstruction hard drive cut out,” he explains looking into the audience. The distinct TEDDY sign floats behind him.

“Most of you know the rest of the story,” Pemberton continues. “The virus took a hold of Rob just like all the downloaders worldwide. His software couldn’t handle the mass of scientific knowledge pulsing through his systems. He was driven mad. Started re-enacting experiments and reciting Pi.”

“I found the one virtual news station still broadcasting. This is when I saw the reports that thousands of infected downloaders were storming the Hadron Collider. I knew I had to stop the stream or they might accidentally create a black hole.”

“I’m sad to say I ripped out Rob’s hardware and loaded it onto my computer. I could track the signal. I found Network Leaks’ headquarters. They must have all been downloaders too and the place was abandoned. I turned off the live stream and the virus ran its course, leaving most infected downloaders too weak to survive.”

“For the last 5 years since, I’ve been campaigning for restrictions on sentient software. But that’s not to say being a downloader doesn’t have its place. We would be no-where without them. I would be nowhere without Rob.  And ironically as I look at the statistics-bot now, this is already the most downloaded TEDDY talk ever” he finishes to the sound of the applause.

Al – Day 2 – Beatrice Tucker

Hazel looked at Al, his smooth almond skin glowed back at her. Her own skin was rough and flaking, oh to be young again.

“…he said I wasn’t even a real nut. That was the last time I saw him. And it’s true I’m just a seed!” Al finished.

“It sounds like you miss him a lot, but perhaps you’ll find your independence now,” Pepita said kindly looking at Hazel for further instruction.

Hazel looked back at her intern, then to Al.

“He’ll come back to you Al. Just be patient,” Hazel said. “Now, that’s the end of the session you can book your next appointment with Chester on your way out.”

Hazel could almost see a do-gooder spiel welling inside Pepita as they watched Al wipe his eyes and leave.

“He needs to be medicated,” Pepita burst out as soon as he’d left. “Al can’t go on with this imaginary friend insulting him. He clearly has deep-seeded issues around nut classification. He needs to be stabilised.”

Hazel sighed, “Why? Is his reality less valid than ours?”


“Look around Pepita, we’re just a bunch of mixed nuts. We’re all going to get eaten one day.”

The inspiration I got for this was “A sad almond can’t find his imaginary friend”

Incumbent Triangles – Day 1 – Cinnamon Eacott

So above is me choosing my first idea from the idea TARDIS earlier today and this is the result:

Good afternoon Angle Ministers and Tri-members. I am very proud to represent my school at this education conference. My chosen topic is History, something we all need to remember to see just what we’ve achieved.

Our ancestors traded with coins and paper. A system only low life rebels use now. My great great grandmother probably wouldn’t understand the three part digital codes we call ‘triangles’. She’d just see the glowing symbols that follow us on screens.

Our triangle value is displayed everywhere we go, but back in her day, accounts were private and talking about them was rude. How naive we were. Life is so much easier when you know what others are worth.

They had to navigate different classes, religions and political groups. Luckily we have the triangles to tell us who we are compatible with.

My great great grandmother was born with dreams. I was born with a number. Simple. Easy. Definitive.

But I won’t be defined. I’d like to amend my first statement. My chosen topic is History, something we all need to remember to see just what we have lost.